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Caliente – a Warming Spicy Drink

Caliente – a Warming Spicy Drink

“An organic non-alcoholic juice drink infused with chili” – the second thing that you see after the name which is written in capital letters – “CALIENTE”. The word caliente in Spanish means warm and the name of this product clearly represents the idea of it. It is not a soft drink, but a refreshing heat. Spicy beverage gives a natural kick which is desirable when drinking alcohol, so it might be very good alternative to it.

“Best New Organic Drink” and “Best premium adult drink” – the awards which “Caliente” juice drink have already won and if this is not enough, this spicy and non-alcoholic beverage was also nominated to the “Best Juice Drink” and “Best New Brand”.

Organic drinks are filled into a 250ml glass bottles with wide neck. The packaging is giving an impression of simple soft drink, but turns out that it is something more, something unique – a warming spicy drink. Furthermore, this product has no artificial additives, preservatives and E numbers.

Chili, lime, ginger

Produktbild gul“Caliente” has two different flavour combinations – the first one mixture is made with lime, ginger and infusion of chili. The yellow colour associates with the ginger and lime. Straight after opening the bottle you can feel these two ingredients very well. Firstly, the lime sourness reaches your respiratory tract and immediately after that comes spicy ginger aroma. It is quite easy to imagine how the drink will taste like, but after having the first sip of this chili drink, the kick boost comes bigger than expected. Ginger has antioxidant properties and provides bitterness while chili enhances it. All in all, the idea of combining red hot chili, ginger and lime highlights its best features and gives a specific taste to the drink with the warming effect.

Chili, cranberry, pomegranate

Caliente – a Warming Spicy DrinkThe natural red colour of “Caliente” drink reflects cranberries and pomegranates flavours. It is the first thing that is noticed when you take the bottle to your hands. Second thing noticed is a very nice smell of fruits and berries. When it comes to the taste – the pomegranate juice gives a sweet and tart taste which is well combined with the bitterness of cranberries and the infusion of chili which gives a spicy aftertaste. Moreover, this organic juice drink is filled with grapes, cranberry, pomegranate and red chili which release your endorphins.

In general, the idea of spicy drink is very new and unique. “Caliente” drink contains only 30 Kcal/100ml and is absolutely organic. The ingredients such as ginger and especially red chili infusion are used in adult drinks which have the ability to warm you up on a cold day.

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