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Glucerna Hunger Smart Shake for people with diabetes

hungersmart-sugars-proteinGlucerna Hunger Smart Shakes are a delicious way to help stick to your weight loss plan. Glucerna contains 15 grams of protein, so it helps to manage your hunger and to avoid big number of carbohydrates.

Glucerna Hunger Smart Shake stands for a source of fiber, which helps to support digestive tract health and also it contains 25 vitamins and minerals.

The appearance of the drink is quite usual for a drinks with a taste of chocolate, so the drink is turbid in a brown color. The taste brings strong note of a chocolate milky drink, the mouth feeling is creamy which is ordinary for meal replacement drink. Although there is an aftertaste that comes because of artificial sweeteners and the negative part of the taste is that aftertaste is lasting after taking a sip. Of course it is important to know that this product is created for people with diabetes. Also it could be used by people who are trying to lose weight

This product has 50% more protein than the leading weight loss shakes and 66% less sugars, making it a very smart choice to help manage hunger.

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