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Tropical Rhythms Sorrel Ginger For Consumers Who Are Seeking More

tropical_rhythms_-_sorrel_gingerIn 1922 Grace was established in Jamaica. Nowadays, brand products can be found in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Belize and of course Jamaica. Company produce beverage including juices and drinks made from Caribbean fruits, vegetable blends and concentrates.

Tropical Rhythms is company’s beverage product line which contains such flavours like Mango Carrot (diet), Pineapple Ginger (diet), Fruit Punch, Mango Carrot, June Plum, Guava Carrot, Island Mango, Reggae Medley and Sorrel Ginger. The last one is on DrinkPreneurs review table right now.

Transparent glass bottle with capacity of 475 ml is filled with intense red non-alcoholic liquid. This beverage has 57 kcal per 100 ml. The interesting flavour of Sorrel Ginger comes from rum and ginger flavourings. What is important to notice, that beverage product contains E129 colourant, which may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

Ginger is the first thing to be smelled after opening the bottle of Sorrel Ginger. It takes awhile to notice rum smell which hits you after ginger fades away. The taste is sharp and spicy due to added ginger. However, sweetness decreases bitter aftertaste which should come from ginger flavouring.

For more information visit Grace website.

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