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Vitaene C Gives A Healthy Energy Boost

Vitaene C Gives A Healthy Energy BoostThe Pokka Vitaene C product line has three different flavours. First, a regular carbonated drink with Vitamins B2, B6, C, and niacin; second, a sugar free drink; and third, a drink with Vitaene C Q10. All products are made in Japan by Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage Ltd.

A 240ml dark brown glass bottle is covered with a yellow label. The packaging gives the impression of a cough syrup bottle. Since the main idea of this beverage product is to improve the immune system, the packaging is a brilliant choice. The product has 126 kcal per 240 ml serving. After opening the bottle a strong and sweet orange aroma appears. Citrus fruit creates a refreshing feeling and is appealing to most customers. Vitaene C is strongly carbonated, which makes it more aromatic, more intense, and lighter.The sourness and sweetness are perfectly balanced, making Vitaene C very enjoyable.

Functional ingredients such like Vitamin B2, B6, C, and niacin help maintain a strong immune system. The product contains 3,5 mg of Vitamin B2; 6,7 mg of B6; 33 mg of niacin; and 81 mg of Vitamin C per 240 ml. Moreover, Vitaene C contains caffeine, which helps you stay awake and energized.

For more information visit Vitaene C website.

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