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Amazing Forest Birch Sap – Goodness From The Forest

Amazing Forest Birch Sap – Goodness From The ForestBased in United Kingdom, Amazing Forest is a brand of pure organic birch water and variety of berry juice. Since the brand name is Amazing Forest, it is no surprise that all products contain ingredients which were harvested in the forest.

Birch Water by Amazing Water is filled in 250ml glass bottles. This beverage is absolutely clear, doesn’t have any sediments and contains only 5 kcal per 100 ml. The Belarus forest is the home of trees where Birch Water for this brand was gathered at. It is vegan friendly and 100% organic product and have no additional ingredients.

Our team of proffesional were nicely surprised by this brand. Usually, if you are a person who have tried real birch sap directly after gathering, you definitely won’t be amazed by bought one. However, many of us had to admit that by far this brand provides the closest product to real birch sap.

Amazing Forest Birch Sap – Goodness From The ForestThe first indicator about the quality of Amazing Forest Birch Water is the good birch sap smell. The taste is very familiar to fresh birch sap, although, it also gives the feeling like you have been drinking coconut water.

The packaging of product is kind of old-fashioned and too heavy for such light beverage product. However, the label of Amazing Water creates 3D visual image of birch tree forest. With green color and ladybug on birch tree, Amazing forest brings nature to you.

For more information visit Amazing Forest website.

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