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Beauty & Go, Bio-active Beauty Drinks


Beauty drinks are getting more and more popular among consumers due to convenient consumption and their benefits. In 2014 AMC Innova and Nature Bisse have jointly launched the beverage line Beauty & Go. Innovative product line consist of 4 different taste beverages in order to maintain healthy and clean body. All beverages are gluten free, furthermore, there is no sugar added. These qualities makes product more reachable for people with health issues.

BEAUTY & GO are bioactive beauty drinks that combine a high concentration of ingredients beneficial to health such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, spirulina algae, baobab, aloe vera, vitamins and minerals along with MacroAntioxidants®, a breakthrough ingredient used now for the first time in a drink.

Beauty and Go are filled in 250 ml wide neck PET bottles. It’s the first Beauty potion which brought beverage products with MacroAntioxidants into todays market. Four different tastes brings different qualities: Radiance, Skin Revive, Vitality and Detox. All products have 35 kcal except Skin Revive line. There are no artificial colourants or preservatives which makes Beauty & Go more suitable for consumers seeking for natural and healthy products.


RadianceSkin protecting drink with MacroAntioxidants. A bottle with pink shrink sleeve is filled with red grape, rosehip, green tea, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Radiance line product is rich in vitamins A, B3, B7 and C. A and B group vitamins are well known for their benefits to our skin. Vitamins C contributes to collagen formation which is well known for its irreplaceable benefits for skins beauty. Brown beverage colour comes from red grape, apple and pear juices.

When you open the bottle the first thing you can notice is strong red grape smell. Although the taste is a mix of red grape, green tea and rosehip. Talking about rosehip it’s one of the richest  Vitamin C source  which can be found in the nature. Rosehip is an unconventional ingredient which makes this product to outstand others similar products.

Radiance is beverage created to drink starting your day. It suppose to help your skin remain radiant event after several hours which is really important to nowadays women. Natural Grape seed extract, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, help to protect skin from external and internal aggressors, making it look smooth and keeping it healthy. It is important to mention that Radiance contains Aloe Vera pulp which is well known for its significant regenerative, scar-healing properties.


DetoxGreen shrink sleeve on the bottle and green beverage inside, sends the message about vegetables inside. And when you look at the label, you could clearly see that Detox drink contains quite high  percentage of pressed vegetable and fruit juices. Skin purifying drink consist of cucumber, spirulina, artichoke, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Spirulina algae extract is uncommon ingredient because of its specific taste. Product is filled with cucumber and apple juices and enrich with broccoli, dandelion and spinach extracts. Even though, broccoli isn’t the most favorite vegetable, it’s one of the most healthy products you can find.

The smell definitely is a mixture of cucumber and broccoli. The first sip brings strong cucumber taste, afterwards comes bitter aftertaste of spinach. Although, it isn’t very strong because citric acid reduces the bitterness of vegetables which contains Detox.

Detox is beauty potion created to help consumer skin to recover after couple days of ,,excess”. Combination of ingredients helps properly absorb nutrients. The main purpose of Detox is to help against skin aging and maintain clean body.


VitalityYellow bottle sleeve associates with tropical fruits and as the packaging says, product contains pineapple, gingko biloba, guarana, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Gingko biloba is well known for its  benefits. Scientist have studied its impact on human cognitive functions. Guarana for instant is well known as natural energy source and can be found in many soft and energy drinks.

The smell of Vitality is sweet and raises desire to taste the drink. If you will rely on smell, you will be expecting taste similar to pineapples and mandarin. However, the first sip brings pineapple with strong gingko biloba taste. Bittersweet taste with green tea aftertaste makes you want more and more of Vitality.

Vitality is created to help you keep your energy and concentrate during important events. Guarana and Citrullina will give healthy, full of energy and radiant skin look. With the taste rising desire to taste it again, Vitality is something you will want to drink frequently.

Skin Revive

BEAUTY&GO Skin ReviveRed bottle with dark red turbid beverage inside, which reminds pomegranate and raspberry contains beverage intend to revive human skin. Pomegranate, raspberry and hibiscus together with collagen and hyaluronic acid helps to fight with aging skin.

Skin Revive is the last product during the day you should drink. Functional ingredients should improve skin’s elasticity and make it firm.

To sum up, all four beverages is mainly design to maintain beautiful skin condition and fight against aging. Even though beauty drinks is still doubtful beverage type, however, the market seems to giving more and more attention to it. Increase in beauty potion consumption shows the need of these types of products.

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