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Berliner Schwarze Dark Beer With Ginseng & Maca

Berliner Schwarze Dark Beer With Ginseng & MacaThe beer is packed in a 330 ml longneck standard dark brown glass bottle, has a beautifully designed black and white label with a bear, which is a symbol for this brand. There is a message on the label about the fortifications with ginseng and maca. The brand is using well-known ingredients to enhance the taste and functionality as well, but without explicitly noting the functional properties, which is not legal.

After pouring the beer into a glass, you find that the colour is dark, almost black, so you can relate it to the black bear on the label. The beer itself has no turbidity, and the liquid is clean and clear. The aroma is slightly weaker than expected, the herbal notes are not that strong, but the bear smell itself is slightly weak. There is a nice level of carbonation, but it is not too strong.

While tasting it, you can note a well-balanced herbal taste, which is very beautifully combined with the beer itself. A slight bitterness gives additional notes.

Berliner Schwarze Dark Beer With Ginseng & MacaFirstly, you can feel the bitterness, which is leading to a nice sweetness, which is absolutely well matching the drink. Herbal notes are noticeable, but it is hard to identify them separately as maca and ginseng. They are a nice combination.

Beautiful, thick natural foam sends a clear message to all beer lovers that this is a high-quality product. This drink is slightly reminiscent of a beer cocktail because of its herbal notes. Overall, it is a nice, innovative solution to surprise beer drinkers.

For more information visit Berliner Schwarze website.

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