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Double Dutch Mixers For Perfect Cocktails

All beverages in the product line are packed in simple 200-mL glass bottles and sealed with crown corks. Labels are as simple as the bottle..

February 2, 2017 with 0 Comments

Rocks Organic Cordial Line For Adults

The line of organic, natural concentrated drinks is sweetened with organic cane sugar, organic juice concentrates, and spring water. Drinks..

January 19, 2017 with 0 Comments

Cafe Fred Cold Brewed Coffee

Your product is sold in very minimal, but super attractive packaging: a dark glass 60 ml bottle, with minimal white letters delivering a..

January 12, 2017 with 0 Comments

Pure And Natural MakTea Premium Ice Tea

This product is packed into 250-ml aluminium cans. The packaging design reflects the type of tea that is being used in the drink. The whole..

December 15, 2016 with 0 Comments

TruEnergy Sports Shot Inspired By TruAthletes

TruEnergy shots are packaged in very unique looking 50 ml square-shaped plastic bottles. The dominant color of the packaging is orange,..

December 8, 2016 with 0 Comments

Kaya Moroccan Iced Tea Infused With Mint

Kaya Tea is a new brand with four different flavours. Inspired by the culture of Moroccan Kaya Tea, they offer tasty combinations of iced..

December 1, 2016 with 0 Comments

Home 2.0 Beer Lager The Brave Launch With Sweet Notes

Beer is packed into 500 ml aluminum cans. After opening one, you can identify a strong beer aroma, with some sweet second notes. This beer..

November 24, 2016 with 0 Comments

Nossa! The Organic Acai Juice Brand

This product is packaged in 250-ml PET bottles with a wide neck. The label design matches the colour of acai berries, and it is simple and..

November 18, 2016 with 0 Comments

Heartsease Farm Lemonades By Radnor Hills

Heartsease Farm Lemonades are all-natural lemonades in plastic bottles with a standard neck. The bottle size is 425 ml and has an..

November 10, 2016 with 0 Comments

Cawston Press Kitchen Inspired Sparkling Drinks

Cawston Press Rhubarb And Apple An eye-catching design on the aluminium can is both colourful and highly informative. After opening the..

November 3, 2016 with 0 Comments
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