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Aqua Panna – Italian Natural Spring Water

Aqua Panna - Italian Natural Spring WaterAcqua Panna is a premium still natural spring water naturally filtered by the earth on a 14-year journey to the spring. The water is named after the Villa Panna Estate in Tuscany, a summer estate owned by Florence’s Medici family. The Medici family acquired over 3,000 acres of land in Scarperia, Tuscany, and officially limited its borders with an act dating back to 1564. That decree still guards the land where Acqua Panna flows.

Acqua Panna is packaged in a variety of sizes in both plastic and glass bottles. According to sommeliers, Acqua Panna is best paired with “light” wine and “delicate” foods.

The Acqua Panna we sampled came in a 25.3 fluid ounce clear plastic bottle with a beautifully crisp white label with a bright orange crest and logo. The bottle has a silver twist-off cap adorned with the Acqua Panna crest.

After the first sip of Aqua Panna, you can sense its difference from other waters. The minerals give the water a smooth, rich mouthfeel with no off-flavors or after-tastes. We sampled Acqua Panna with a riesling, and it paired well with the light, sweet wine. Acqua Panna would go well with any delicate dish or dessert.

Summary: Acqua Panna natural spring water is clean, smooth, and artfully packaged to deliver a premium water drinking experience. Perfect for a special occasion, or everyday drinking, Acqua Panna takes spring water to another level of quality and taste.

For more information visit Acqua Panna‘s website.

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