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Spiked Sparkling Water Brings New Taste: Lemon & Yuzu

Truly Spiked & Sparkling today announced the launch of its newest style, Truly Spiked & Sparkling Lemon & Yuzu, now available..

March 22, 2017 with 0 Comments

Mighty Swell Launches New Tropical-Inspired Flavor

Austin-based beverage company, Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails, announced today the launch of their newest flavor, Mango, the first flavor..

March 7, 2017 with 0 Comments

evian Launches Sport Cap with Madison Keys

evian, the number one premium global water brand, has launched its new 750 ml sport cap with the help of its newest spokesperson, tennis..

March 6, 2017 with 0 Comments

Boxed Water Is Better – Spreads Across Major US Airports

Boxed Water Is Better, a company that believes in offering a better, more sustainable option to bottled water, will now be available in..

February 22, 2017 with 0 Comments

Water Ventures Has Reached A Milestone Of Educating Over 1 Million People

Zephyrhills Brand 100% Natural Spring Water and WaterVentures Florida’s Mobile Learning Lab, funded primarily by the brand, announced..

February 13, 2017 with 0 Comments

Quench Hires New Vice President of Product Management

Quench, a leading provider of filtered water coolers, ice machines, sparkling water dispensers, and coffee brewers for businesses across..

February 2, 2017 with 0 Comments

S.Pellegrino Announces Plans for the Next Young Chef Global Competition

S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water announces the anticipated return of S.Pellegrino Young Chef, an extraordinary culinary..

January 25, 2017 with 0 Comments

Ugly Water – Because You’re Sweet Enough Already

A very bright and playful package design will definitely catch consumers’ eyes. This line of flavoured, carbonated water is packaged in..

January 5, 2017 with 0 Comments

PepsiCo Launches New Premium Bottled Water

PepsiCo announced LIFEWTR, a new premium bottled water that fuses creativity and design to serve as a source of inspiration, as well as..

December 12, 2016 with 0 Comments

Icelandic Glacial Forms Partnership with New Tea Infusion Device

Icelandic Glacial announced today a new partnership with the first-of-its kind intelligent tea infuser, Teforia. The premium water brand..

December 8, 2016 with 0 Comments
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