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The Drifter Pack By Spindrift

The Drifter Pack By SpindriftSpindrift, the first sparkling water made with real squeezed fruit, is making summer a little brighter and a lot more flavorful with the release of the Drifter Pack: A Spindrift Tasting Experience. This limited-edition twelve-pack includes one of each of the brand’s 11 refreshing flavors and two cans of the latest flavor release, and sip-of-the-season, Spindrift Pineapple. The newest sparkling water pack comes in a custom purple box and includes an exclusive bandana (while supplies last) designed by a fan of the brand. It’s truly summer in a box.

The Drifter Pack is inspired by the Drifter community, the group of brand fans who have rallied around Spindrift over the last several years. In true Spindrift spirit, the Drifter Pack is designed to be shared. Each pack bought on drinkspindrift.com is “buy one, gift one free” so the sparkling water tasting experience can be enjoyed together, safely from a distance, with friends and family across the country.

“We hear it all the time: ‘I’m obsessed with Lemon and Grapefruit, but I’ve never tried Strawberry or Half and Half.’ So it’s these curious, loyal fans who inspired us to create the Drifter Pack. This is a fun way for fans to try and share all our flavors while helping them discover a few new favorites,” shared Bill Creelman, founder and CEO of Spindrift.

To enhance the fun of trying all 11 different flavors, each Drifter Pack is equipped with a tasting guide to prompt discussion and considerations of aroma, color, tasting notes, mouthfeel and overall flavor. Spindrift hopes fans will share their flavor feedback so they can incorporate these opinions and learn from fans as the brand continues to innovate.

It may be ambitious to drink all 12 cans in a day (of course, it has been done), but once taste testers have sampled them all and found their favorites, Spindrift wants to hear about it. Share a photo with your favorite flavor, and tag @drinkspindrift on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Add the tag #DrifterFam to be entered to win a three-month supply of your favorite Spindrift flavor(s). Starting in August, three lucky winners will be randomly selected each month until December 31, 2020.

Source: Spindrift

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