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Sweet Reason – CBD-Infused Flavored Water

Sweet Reason - CBD-Infused Flavored WaterSweet Reason launched in December of 2018, with a focus on creating the best tasting, highest quality CBD beverage on the market. CBD is becoming a popular ingredient and is used for a variety of health and wellness reasons, including its potential to calm the mind and reduce stress.  Sweet Reason sparkling waters include 10 mg of a highly-researched, unique form of CO2-extracted CBD from Colorado organic hemp that maximizes bioavailability. Each 12 oz bottle contains no sugar, sweeteners, sodium, carbohydrates or artificial ingredients and is just five calories.

Every variety comes in a clear glass bottle with a twist-off cap. The bottles are adorned with a colorful label that corresponds with the flavor inside. There are four Sweet Reason experiences to choose from, including Grapefruit, Cucumber Mint, Strawberry Lavender, and Lemon Rhubarb. With only carbonated water, CBD, and natural flavors, the products are simple, light, and refreshingly clean.


Grapefruit was one of our favorite flavors. The light, crisp, refreshing grapefruit flavor works well with the pure effervescence of the water. The mouthfeel is slightly dry with a tart finish. Grapefruit Sweet Reason is a bright, citrus CBD treat.

Cucumber Mint

The combination of cooling mint and calming cucumber creates a spa-like beverage that is both relaxing and refreshing. We love the lightness and simplicity of this flavor. Sweet Reason Cucumber Mint would be the perfect companion during a break from an intense work week.

Strawberry Lavender

Strawberry lavender brings in a bit more sweetness than the other flavors. The strawberry essence has fruity notes that contrast with the unsweetened water and pair well with the light, flowery lavender. Sweet Reason Strawberry Lavender is a memorable summery treat.

Lemon Rhubarb

Like the other flavors, Sweet Reason Lemon Rhubarb has a clean and refreshing feel without a lot of complexity or sweetness. The hint of lemon balanced with the bitter notes of rhubarb is a subtle but pleasant addition to the simple sparkling water. Sweet Reason Lemon Rhubarb is a unique blend of summer flavors perfect for a rejuvenating sipping session.

Summary: Sweet Reason has a strong portfolio of unique and enjoyable CBD-infused sparkling waters. The well-crafted, subtle flavors are displayed on a clean canvas with little to no interference from other additives. The quality of the CBD and the simplicity of the ingredients make Sweet Reason’s products appealing to anyone looking for a refreshing, healthy way to unwind and refocus.

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