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Gallimate – Yerba Mate Tea Drinks

Gallimate - Yerba Mate Tea DrinksGallimate is an all-natural, healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks that is made with Yerba Mate tea, flavored with agave syrup and carbonated, to create a refreshing, energizing soft drink. Packaged in a 27.5 cL clear glass bottle with a twist-off top, Gallimate is vegan, gluten-free, and has less than 40 calories per bottle. Yerba Mate contains 24 vitamins and minerals (like Vitamin A, C, and E, calcium, iron, and zync), 15 amino acids, and numerous antioxidants.

 Unlike other energy drinks, the energy in Gallimate comes from natural caffeine, and won’t leave you shaky or jittery like other energy beverages. When you twist off the cap, tiny bubbles immediately begin to rise to the surface, letting the sweet aroma of the tea escape. The drink is heavily carbonated, making even the drinking experience fun and energizing. Overall, the drinks are not too sweet and would make an excellent alternative for those who don’t enjoy coffee, or don’t want the high sugar content or flavor present in many other traditional carbonated energy drinks.


The original Gallimate is effervescent Yerba Mate tea that has been sweetened with agave syrup and light flavoring of kaffir lime and elderflower. The tea has a light amber color, and has an attractive light blue label featuring the logo and folk-art style floral illustrations. Like all the beverages in the line, the original has an excellent carbonation with many tiny bubbles rising to the surface when you open the bottle. The taste is similar to a traditional sweet tea, but even more refreshing because of the carbonation.

Ginger Ale

Gallimate - Yerba Mate Tea DrinksThe Gallimate ginger ale is an appealing light-yellow color, packaged with a sage green label featuring the brand’s logo and signature folk-art style illustration. This flavor also has wonderful carbonation, with lots of tiny bubbles. It tastes just like you want your ginger ale to taste–not too sweet, not too spicy, and extremely refreshing.


The Gallimate tonic is a very pale-yellow color, with the same pleasing carbonation as the other drinks in the line, making it an excellent mixer for use in cocktails. Presented in a white version of the brand’s folk-art style label, the drink has a strong tonic flavor, but with a distinctive sweetness that sets it apart from other tonics on the shelves.

For more information visit Gallimate website.

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