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Twinings Expands the Earl Grey Blend Family

Twinings Expands the Earl Grey Blend Family
Twinings North America has expanded their line of Earl Grey teas with three new floral and bold flavours – Earl Grey Extra Bold, Earl Grey Lavender, and Earl Grey Jasmine. This line extension reflects the brand’s commitment to provide the perfect balance of taste, flavour and aroma. The Earl Grey line is Twinings’ most popular offering, which is steeped in rich history and tradition.

Twinings Classic Earl Grey tea was first blended by Richard Twining in 1831, when Prime Minister Charles Grey asked him to replicate a tea he’d been given by a Chinese Mandarin. The Earl would serve this tea to his guests at dinner parties and the blend became so popular that it was requested by name at the Twinings shop in London. From that day forward, the blend was named after the Prime Minister himself and to say thank you he gave the tea his royal signature of approval. The boxes you see today are signed by the latest descendant of Mr. Charles Grey.

“As the originators of Earl Grey tea, I believe it is our mission to provide innovative and delicious takes on the classic blend,” said Stephen Twining, 10th generation Twining.

“Lavender and jasmine compliment the bold flavour of bergamot, which is the key note in Earl Grey. Extra Bold is perfect for Earl Grey lovers who crave an intensified, more vibrant taste. We know these new blends will resonate with a new generation of tea drinkers.”

With a history dating back to 1706, quality tea has always been at the heart of Twinings. Beginning with the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world, each unique blend is expertly crafted by one of nine Master Blenders to provide the perfect balance. From Earl Grey and English Breakfast Chai Lattes and herbal infusions, Twinings is at the forefront of the tea landscape and they know the details that matter most.

Source: Twinings North America

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