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Elephant Gin: An Award-Winning Beverage for a Good Cause

Elephant Gin: An Award-Winning Beverage for a Good CauseElephant Gin has been receiving many awards, including gold medals in such competitions as the World’s Best Gin, the World’s Spirits Awards and many more. However, these awards are not the only accomplishment of this brand. Elephant Gin contributes 15% of their profits to two foundations that are devoted to the conservation of wildlife in Africa. Prior to 2017 they had already donated $290,000.

This gin is packed into glass bottles, ranging in sizes from 100 ml to 500 ml. There are several different varieties of this gin: Elephant London Dry Gin, Elephant Sloe Gin, and Elephant Strength Gin. This time we will be reviewing the Elephant Strength Gin.

Elephant Strength Gin is also called “navy strength,” whose origin comes from the Royal English Navy who tested a gin by lighting it with gunpowder. If the gin had at least 57% alcohol by volume, then it survived the test and was proclaimed of navy strength. This gin has exactly 57% alcohol per volume.

After opening the bottle, you can sense the strong and refreshing herbal aroma with clear juniper and mountain pine notes. These aromas combined together create a beautiful blend, which overpowers the alcohol aroma itself, so you do not smell strong alcohol. Elephant Strength Gin is handcrafted in Germany, using 14 rare African herbs and fresh apples.

The color is crystal clear, without any sediments, turbidity or hues.  When tasting it, you can sense a very strange flavor dancing in your mouth. Sipping the gin, you do not feel the strength of the alcohol, but within seconds you can feel a nice warmth in your mouth, which helps to spread very specific herbal notes. The herbal combination is precisely worked out as all the botanicals come together as one. There is a pleasant aftertaste, refreshing yet not too spicy.  The delicate mountain pine notes stay with you long after sipping the drink.

This drink definitely merits all his awards and accolades. Not only is this gin delicious in cocktails, it is lovely served on the rocks. Elephant Gin is truly unique and well worth trying. It’s a wonderful gin with a good cause!

For more information visit Elephant Gin website.

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