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Vibe – The Brand of Vitamin Water and Relaxation Drink Lines

Vibe - The Brand of Vitamin Water and Relaxation Drink LinesThe Vibe brand of beverages has a wide portfolio of different products. There are two main categories: vitamin water is packaged in a custom-formed plastic bottle with a wide neck, and the relaxation drink line is packaged in innovative plastic cans. Both product lines have a clear and clean design; their transparency lets you see the actual colour of the drink inside the container, and the main label colours are light and not too intense.

The vitamin water line offers 4 different flavours with matching functions.

Vibe - The Brand of Vitamin Water and Relaxation Drink LinesGinseng and Orange

This drink has a slightly turbid, whitish appearance. It contains magnesium and B-group vitamins including biotin, B3 and B12. Its main function is relaxation. Opening the container releases a slight orange aroma, and the taste is not too sweet but slightly bitter, with a very delicate note of ginseng. It has only 17 kcal per 100 ml. The drink itself is refreshing and has 33% of the daily recommendation for magnesium..

Vibe - The Brand of Vitamin Water and Relaxation Drink LinesCitrus fruit

This beverage is loaded with B-group vitamins, vitamin C and glucose. Its yellow colour matches the main flavours. After opening the container, you can notice a pleasing and strong aroma of various citrus fruits, but the taste itself is a bit less intense than the aroma. The main flavour that comes through is not too sweet or too bitter. Each 444 ml bottle contains 100% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C.

Vibe - The Brand of Vitamin Water and Relaxation Drink LinesDragon fruit and raspberry

This is an energy drink with an interesting flavour combination. The energy comes from its guarana extract and natural caffeine, with help from the B vitamins. This drink’s beautiful red shade is well aligned with its type. After opening it, you notice a strong fruit aroma that’s sweet but also unique. Tasting it, you can identify raspberry and dragon fruit that combine very well. A very well-balanced taste profile is not too sweet or too bitter, just highly refreshing.

Vibe - The Brand of Vitamin Water and Relaxation Drink LinesGinseng

This beverage is designed to improve concentration and focus. The main functional ingredients are natural caffeine and B-group vitamins. Opening the container releases a very slight herbal aroma. Tasting the drink, you can identify mint and ginseng notes, and they go very well together to form a delicate taste. The beverage has a slightly yellow hue with no turbidity or sediments.

All of the offerings in this line are produced using natural flavourings and natural extracts, with no added preservatives. Each is a refreshing drink with a mild aftertaste.

The relaxation line has three different flavours in very innovative plastic cans.

Vibe - The Brand of Vitamin Water and Relaxation Drink LinesHop and lemongrass

This drink has a slightly turbid appearance and a pale yellow hue. After opening the can, you can detect an aroma that is both light and refreshing. Tasting the product provides a crisp sensation of herbal notes. This beverage is very well-balanced; it’s not too sweet and not too bitter. The main functional ingredient is L-theanine, which is found in green tea extract. The 48 mg of L-theanine per 100 ml definitely deliver an effect on the human body that helps one to relax.

Vibe - The Brand of Vitamin Water and Relaxation Drink LinesOrange Melissa

With a strong aroma, this drink’s taste profile is a bit unbalanced and a little too bitter. Tasting it, you can definitely identify Melissa as a main note, which is very pleasant. Its functional features are the same as the other two relaxation beverages.

Vibe - The Brand of Vitamin Water and Relaxation Drink LinesMint and black lilac

Opening the can releases a superbly unique aroma. The main notes are floral. Tasting it, you notice the mint as the strongest flavour and additional floral notes as secondary. Overall, the flavour is well balanced, invigorating, and unique, although the mint flavour tastes a bit artificial.

This entire product line is packaged as handy plastic cans in a 315 ml size, with an attractive and unique look and design.

For more information visit Enjoy Vibe website.

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