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Shaka Honolulu – Hawaiian Mamaki Tea

Shaka Honolulu - Hawaiiam Mamaki TeaShaka Teas (named after the signature “take it easy” hand gesture of Hawaii) is a line of refreshing, non-carbonated iced teas brewed from Mamaki, an herbal tea only grown in Hawaii, and hand-harvested from their ancient volcanic forests. The tea comes in four flavors inspired by Hawaiian culture and agriculture: Lemon Lokelani Rose, Pineapple Mint, Mango Hibiscus, and Guava Gingerblossom.

The teas are naturally sweetened with monk fruit, and are free of added sugar. They are also 100% plant-based, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free, making it possible for anyone and everyone to experience this vacation in a bottle. All of the teas are free of calories, with the exception of the Mango Hibiscus flavor, and Mamaki tea is caffeine free, so these teas are also a great option for those looking to hydrate and be more mindful of their health, while still wanting a flavorful and exciting tea option.

Beautifully packaged in a solid, clear glass bottle featuring a screw off lid that screws back on for easy travel, the teas rich hues are showcased before you even open the bottle. The labels also evoke visions of a tropical escape, featuring a stunning botanical logo in varying hues coordinating with the flavors of the tea inside, as well as a charming illustration of a hand making the “shaka” gesture that proudly reads “Hawaii Grown”. These teas are perfect for those looking for a more health-conscious alternative to pre-packaged iced teas that are loaded with sugar, or for those who seek out drinks with more adventurous and unique flavors.

Lemon Lokelani Rose, labeled in a vivid magenta, is an appealing rosy-amber colored tea. Flavored with lemon and Lokelani Rose (the official flower of Maui, often seen woven into leis), this tea is subtle and crisp with very light citrus and floral flavors and an extremely balanced sweetness.

Pineapple Mint , labeled in mint green, has the warm amber color of a traditional iced tea. The flavor is extremely light and refreshing, with only a faint bit of sweetness. Pineapple and mint add just a hint of flavor and the delicious tea shines.

Mango Hibiscus , labeled in an attention-catching orange, has a rich orange color to it, and looks great displayed in the clear glass packaging. This tea has a stronger citrus flavor, with a mouth-watering balance of sweet and tart, with a hint of floral flavor as well.

Guava Ginger Blossom, labeled in a dreamy mauve, has a gorgeous plum hue to the tea. This tea has a mild flavor, with a bit of fruity-tartness from the guava fruit. The use of ginger blossom, rather than root, lends a milder ginger flavor.

For more information visit Shaka Tea website.

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