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Ôdeep – A New Player Right From The Ocean Depths

Ôdeep - Right From The Ocean DepthsIn a colorful world of beverages we shouldn’t forget to choose basics from time to time. Water is essential to our physical and mental health. However, it is very hard to compete when it’s crucial to give pure product to the market. Today, I have the opportunity to talk to Jacques Le Moigne, the founder of Ôdeep.

1. What is the history of Ôdeep’s water?

Ôdeep was born from the dream of a long-time captain to produce the highest quality water from the infinite resource of the ocean.

Our planet is in thirst! In some places, the Earth even dies of thirst. And yet, the Earth is called the blue planet, because water is omnipresent. Delving further into the subject, we discovered seawater, and especially the one lying from 200 meters deep, had a very close composition to that of the human body. Marine minerals seem to respond to our daily shortfalls perfectly.

2. Ôdeep is a water brand with deep water characteristics. Can you tell us more about the Ôdeep concept?

It all started with a dream, but we had a long way to go in developing a water that could combine taste, hydrating qualities just as a philosophy of respect for the environment.

The aim was a pure and “unaltered” water, the result is Ôdeep. Its main characteristic is an oceanic mineral that brings well-being to the body and gustatory pleasure. Some testers even compare the mineral intake from the consumption of this water to the well-being of a stay in a spa, in response to the body’s daily mineral deficiencies.

3. Creating such a drink seems to be a challenge. What difficulties did you encounter during the development of Ôdeep?

Let’s go back at the start. The objective of producing the water of tomorrow, pure and infinitely renewable and it could only come from the deep ocean. Thanks to an environmentally friendly innovation the marine bottling plant or MBP, conceived by Régis Revilliod, it’s now possible. This bottling vessel combines the drawing, bottling, palletizing and delivery of perfect drinking water.

Obstacles have to be dealt as springboards, and the exclusive technology used by our ships gives us a decisive ecological and economic advantage. Ecological, because by drawing on an inexhaustible and eternally renewed water supply, we preserve the increasingly limited terrestrial resources. Economically, because combining production and transport achieves optimal cost efficiency.

Evangelizing, making people aware of the potential of this water, this is now our challenge. Our customers, from supply agencies to the buyer of a single deep bottle in a beverage dispenser, must realize that the water in their hands, coming from the sea, is cleaner, fresher, and a long-lasting alternative to land waters.

Ôdeep - A New Player Right From The Ocean Depths

Let’s be a little chauvinistic, we think that France, a country of taste, of good taste, is the country best placed to judge it.

4. Ôdeep is a water brand based in France. Is it available in other countries? Where can consumers taste Ôdeep?

Before the end of 2018, the first samples of Ôdeep will leave our laboratory on the French Riviera. They will have been manufactured on the Little O’deep, our laboratory boat.

We will be present at GULFOOD DUBAI in February 2019, at FOODEX JAPAN in March 2019 and at Summer Fancy Food Show New York in June 2019.

Ôdeep will be available in France, Japan and Middle East and on line. North America, our last frontier, will be, for us, around mid-2019, the land of opportunity. As a matter of fact, we welcome any contact with any food and beverage broker in the US.

5. Ôdeep is a premium brand of water. I suppose the price of the bottle is higher than that of other brands of water. What are the reasons that motivate consumers to pay more for bottled water?

Quality and attractiveness of the new product are the two convincing reasons that will allow Ôdeep to find a market for aficionados.

Ôdeep will be priced at a fair value and in the vicinity of other imported premium brands. Premium products deserve a fair price and the Millenials, among others, are ready to pay for their well-being and for the preservation of the planet.

Thanks to our marine bottling plant, in short, MBP, we offer the same price in any port of the planet.

6. Social media is essential to the success of beverage brands. However, I was unable to settle Ôdeep’s accounts. In your opinion, can a brand succeed without social media?

DrinkPreneur is the best and first media for our launching. Let’s say that for the time being, going blank is a form of teasing. Other steps are coming December 2018 : first bottles, first media campaigns.

Ôdeep - Right From The Ocean DepthsIt is clear that at the moment, no brand can live without social networks. Marketing campaign, media campaign, viral campaign are planned with the collaboration of professionals from these fields, and will start very soon.

7. What advice would you have given yourself before you started in the beverage business?

As with any new idea, it requires research in the field and with specialists. The literature is very extensive, ranging from specialized studies, professional publications and experts in this field.

Studies are one thing, passion, finally, is the name of the game. I would say that you have to believe in your product, no matter whether it is at first ” foolish ” or far from the shelves. But it is because you believe in your product that others will also believe in it.

For more information visit Ôdeep website.

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