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Lanique Spirit of Rose Partnerships With Waitrose

Lanique Spirit of Rose Partnerships With WaitroseLanique Spirit of Rose, the rose petal spirit made by steam-distilling thousands of hand-picked rose petals to extract the pure essence of rose, has secured its first national listing with Waitrose.

A completely natural spirit with rose, ripe raspberry and cherry aromas, Lanique can be served simply with tonic, added to fizz or used to create a rosy twist to a classic cocktail.

Enjoyed for over 200 years, Lanique was first created in 1785 in the Kingdom of Prussia and imbibed by European aristocracy. It remained a firm favourite throughout the 1800s, up until it disappeared during the second World War, when trade routes were blocked, and the availability of fresh rose petals dried up. Following years of work, it was eventually rediscovered by dedicated artisans and distilled and relaunched in the UK in 2015, using the original recipe.

John Vine, Spirits Buyer at Waitrose, says: “We are always looking for exciting new spirit brands and products for our customers, and we are thrilled to be the first supermarket to launch Lanique in the UK. We have seen a huge trend in customers experimenting and trying out new drinks and products, and we think the subtle rose flavour and raspberry flavours of Lanique will definitely appeal to those looking for the next cocktail trend.”

Lawrence Huggler, Director at Lanique Spirit of Rose, says: “We are delighted to have secured our first listing with Waitrose and to be able to introduce Lanique on a national scale to the UK market. We are confident Lanique’s unique and versatile offering will be a success and look forward to providing Waitrose customers with the chance to discover its distinctive flavours and rich heritage.”

Source: Lanique

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