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Waterdrop YOUTH Microdrink – Fresh Functional Flavor from a Cube

Waterdrop YOUTH Microdrink – Fresh Functional Flavor from a CubeThe idea for Waterdrop came on an airplane. Martin, one of the founders, wanted a healthful and flavorful beverage that wasn’t full of sugar. Frustrated by the lack of convenient options, he decided to create one of his own. Waterdrop is a compressed cube of natural ingredients that can be dropped into water to create an enhanced drinking experience. The goal is to make hydration fun, flavorful, and convenient, while also reducing the impact of packaging on the environment.

Waterdrop Microdrinks come in various flavors, including Relax, Boost, Defence, Focus, Glow, Youth, Clean, Zen, Vibe, Nero, and Love. They are sold in 12-packs, with each serving of one cube ready to be dissolved in 400-600 ml of water. The ingredients include natural fruit and plant extracts, with various vitamins and minerals.

Youth Microdrink

We sampled the Youth Microdrink product, which comes in a compact white box with bright yellow and orange illustrations of the ingredients and flavors inside. Youth Waterdrop Microdrink contains Ginseng and Dandelion extract that is balanced with peach and ginger. Each serving contains Vitamin C, Niacin, Biotin, only 4 Kcal, and no sugar.

Upon adding the cube to the water, we noticed a unique and robust aroma with a hint of ginger and citrus. The first sip is sweet, followed by a hit of sourness. It reminded us a bit of the Vitamin C tablets sold over the counter at the pharmacy. Although this flavor wasn’t the most appealing to us, we are intrigued by the concept and excited to try the other flavors.

In addition to the Microdrinks, Waterdrop sells a variety of stylish bottles, sets, and accessories, all designed to make drinking water more fun and trendy.

Summary: We love the innovation and marketing behind Waterdrop. The company has found a way to rejuvenate and reignite excitement around water while also introducing an eco-friendly packaging alternative. The convenience, simple ingredients, and beautiful, smart packaging make Waterdrop an appealing addition to anyone’s daily routine. The Youth flavor was a little heavy on Vitamin C for our tastes, but it is just one of many Waterdrop flavors to try.

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