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Elemental Beverage Co. Coffee Review

Elemental Beverage Co. Coffee ReviewElemental Beverage Co is bringing us a new take on iced coffees. That’s because their line of cold coffee drinks aren’t iced, and they’re not cold-brewed either. The people behind Elemental Beverage Co were sick of the ways that traditional methods of chilling coffee, tea, and other drinks compromised the flavor or texture of the drink. So, they developed their “snapchill” technology which allows them to turn hot drinks ice cold in a matter of minutes. Their snapchilled coffee range comes in three single-origin, estate-grown flavors: Kolla Bolcha, San Alejo, and Kayanza. The coffees are ready-to-drink and packaged in attractive and convenient 12 oz aluminum cans. The white cans have watercolor-style graphics that give the coffee a definite “wellness” or luxury feel, and we have to admit we’d feel pretty cool carrying one around out and about. It’s not just about what’s on the outside, though. The flavors inside Elemental Beverage Co coffees had us equally impressed.

Kolla Bolcha

Sourced from Ethiopia, this unique flavor has a fruity, sweet twist that we felt made it extra refreshing. We could really taste the unique notes in each flavor of coffee more distinctly than we felt we usually can in iced coffee, so perhaps their “snapchill” technique is working as they’d hoped! This can have notes of fresh watermelon, soothing lavender, and a pop of sweet raw honey. Perfect for a sunny summer morning.

San Alejo

We found the San Alejo flavor to be the most smooth and subtle of the bunch. Sourced from Colombia, this flavor has notes of peanut butter, maple, and just a bit of candied orange. This flavor felt like a crowd-pleaser, and the notes meld together beautifully to create a smooth and mellow coffee that we’d be happy to drink any day. Like the other flavors, the notes in this one were strong but not overpowering.


We thought this flavor was the most distinctive of the bunch, and also one of the most intense! We still felt the flavor had a good balance, though, with notes of raspberry preserves and lemon candy and a finish of fresh lilac. They describe the body of this coffee as “heavy and boozy” and it is, in the most pleasant sense. This flavor is for the coffee lover who favors a bold and balanced cup.

For more information visit Elemental Beverage Co. website.

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