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Rhythm CBD Infused Seltzer

Rhythm CBD Infused SeltzerIan Monat, a sommelier by day and bass player by night, wanted to find a way to get the mental and physical effects he felt from hemp into a healthy, better tasting, hemp-infused beverage, with all-natural ingredients and a clean label. He accomplished all of this with Rhythm Infused Seltzers, which are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, keto-friendly, and low calorie, with zero sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

The Rhythm product line includes Rhythm Recover – Lemon Ginger Seltzer, Rhythm Awake – Grapefruit Rosemary Seltzer, and Rhythm Dream – Blackberry Lavender Seltzer. The products are packaged in 12oz sleek cans and contain 15 mg of CBD from a broad-spectrum hemp-extract that contains 0% THC, is 100% grown in the USA, and has been nano-emulsified for high bioavailability and rapid onset.

We had the opportunity to sample Rhythm Awake and Rhythm Dream.

Rhythm Awake- Grapefruit Rosemary

Rhythm Awake is designed to deliver clean, calm energy with 15mg of hemp extract combined with grapefruit and rosemary flavors and green tea extract. The beverage boasts 50mg of caffeine, which is slightly less than a cup of coffee.

The liquid is light pink in color and highly carbonated. The citrus bite of the grapefruit flavor is countered with the earthly, botanical notes of rosemary. The dynamic combination provides enough flavor to drown out the very subtle hints of hemp that come through only very slightly at the end. The finish is sweet and smooth, making it very drinkable. The tart grapefruit and effervescent bubbles make it a fun and energizing treat as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Rhythm Dream – Blackberry Lavender

Rhythm Dream has a very light berry flavor with a clean, refreshing finish. The subtle notes of lavender give this beverage a spa-like quality, and the 5mg of melatonin bring a wave of relaxation and calm that would prepare anyone for a good night’s sleep.

Summary: Rhythm Infused Seltzers provide an innovatively flavorful take on hemp-infused beverages. Light, refreshing, and creatively formulated, these drinks prove that function doesn’t have to trump taste. Rhythm Infused Seltzers are positioned to help people make room for CBD beverages in their everyday lives.

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