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Susosu Water – The New Wave Of Water

Susosu Water - The New Wave Of WaterSusosu Water is a “new wave of water” made with mineral-rich water collected in the blue belt region of South Korea. This hydrogen-rich water has a Ph balance of 7.8, which is nearly identical to the Ph of the human body! This hydrogen water is supposedly more effective at cleansing the body, and some say it could help to boost energy, improve athletic performance and muscle soreness, and even have anti-inflammatory effects. In a market FULL of bottled waters, it can be hard to stand out. But we think Susosu Water hits the mark. Their innovative packaging takes up only a small amount of space in any bag because of the flexible plastic “pouch” with screw-on plastic cap. And the refreshing blue waters that grace the label make you thirsty just looking at them!

As for the flavor of the water, there’s only so much we can say! The water DOES have a very crisp, clear taste, so NO complaints in that way! We can’t say for sure whether this water made our bodies feel extra “detoxified” or boosted our energy in any significant way.  We’d probably have to drink Susosu consistently for a more extended period to see significant effects either way! We do think that this hydrogen-rich water will appeal to the ever-growing portion of consumers who are looking for waters that do MORE without adding anything unnatural!

For more information visit Susosu Water website.

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