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Canada Water: Glacial Fresh Taste

Canada Water: Glacial Fresh TasteIf you’re on the hunt for the best spring water available, there’s simply no beating Canadian spring water. Canada Water is bottled at the source in Northumberland County, Ontario. There, you’ll find miles of rich forest. Underneath these northern forests lies the secret to the pure, crisp taste of Canada Water: a network of aquifers formed by ancient glacial deposits. Each year, with snowmelt and rainfall, these ancient basins are renewed, bringing 100% pure spring water to be bottled by Canada Water.

This water is anything but ordinary. It contains natural electrolytes while being sodium free, making it great for athletes who are tired for sugar and salt filled electrolyte drinks. It’s also perfectly pH balanced with a pH of 7.35. Canada Water comes in a sleek, recyclable glass bottle that’s worthy of the luxurious elixir inside while still being easy to carry for travel and functional. The clear glass allows you to see the glacial purity inside!

But perhaps the most special thing about this ultra-premium spring water is that it’s ozonated. This purification process is partially responsible for the cool, refreshing taste of Canada Water. Drinking ozonated water could help add oxygen to the bloodstream and eliminate toxins! And some people even recommend drinking cold ozonated water on an empty stomach in order to detoxify the intestinal track! Canada Water even says ozonated water could increase your energy level! And the ozonation process yields water with an incredibly fresh taste. It doesn’t just taste pure. It is pure.

This bottled spring water is the perfects still water option for those looking for a no calorie, no sodium option that could also bring functional benefits! It would also be great for consumers interested in the benefits of drinking spring water! It makes an especially great option for those who want an alternative to tap water in their home beyond simple filtration.

For more information visit Canada Water & Salacious websites.

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