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Introducing True Lemon Fruit Infusions

Introducing True Lemon Fruit InfusionsWellness-centric brand True Citrus, whose clean-label water mixes include True Lemon and True Lime, announced the launch of its latest product: True Lemon Fruit Infusions.

Inspired by the light and bright flavor of fruit-infused spa water, True Lemon Fruit Infusions come in four unsweetened flavors: Lemon Strawberry, Lemon Raspberry, Lemon Mint and Lemon Cucumber. Each flavor provides the same subtle and refreshing taste as homemade fruit-infused water but without the expense, hassle or waste that making fruit-infused water from scratch entails.

With a delicate and thirst-quenching taste, True Lemon Fruit Infusions are convenient to carry on the go. The individual stick packets can be simply added to 16 ounces of water for a quick and easy flavor boost throughout the day.

As with all True Citrus products, True Lemon Fruit Infusions are made with simple and clean ingredients, are gluten- and sodium-free, and are non-GMO. Every serving, which is one stick packet, has 0 calories; 0 grams of sugar; and no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavors or colors.

True Lemon Fruit Infusions joins the True Citrus family of products, which include 0-calorie True Lemon and True Lime, unsweetened crystallized wedge replacements, and low-calorie True Lemon Lemonades and True Lime Limeades.

“We believe that the foundation of a healthy, happy lifestyle lies in good hydration, so we’re always innovating new ‘hydration helpers’ to make plain water more exciting and help our customers feel their best,” says True Citrus CEO Robert Cuddihy. “We are very excited about Fruit Infusions because the taste is exceptional, there’s nothing like them on the market, and they give our customers another way to flavor their water deliciously.”

Source: True Citrus

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