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Post Meridiem Spirit Co. Launches Authentic Ingredient

Great cocktails start with great ingredients. Post Meridiem, Georgia’s first canned cocktail company, aims to disrupt the historically suspect ready-to-drink cocktail market with a bar-quality experience. Post Meridiem’s products always use distilled spirits, imported liqueurs, carefully-matched bitters and, critically, 100% real citrus juices. All products are hand-crafted, range from 24% to 37% alcohol-by-volume and are sold in novel, single-serve 100mL steel-walled cans.

Post Meridiem debuted in May 2019 with five cocktails – each of which medaled at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirit Competition and SIP Awards: International Spirits Competition. The initial lineup of classic cocktails includes The Real Lime Juice Margarita, The Double Old Fashioned, The Hemingway Daiquiri, The 1944 Mai Tai and The Lemongrass Vodka Gimlet.

What sets Post Meridiem apart is their belief in ingredient transparency. Post Meridiem tells you exactly what is in the can by listing ingredients and amounts. Those ingredients include barrel-aged whiskey, tequila imported from Mexico, multiple rums, maraschino liqueur imported from Italy, and 100% real citrus juice.

Post Meridiem is manufactured in a dedicated facility in Atlanta’s West Midtown neighbourhood. With a custom-built canning line, Post Meridiem has the ability to create seasonal offerings and limited runs in the future.

Post Meridiem was born out of equal parts frustration and inspiration by long-time friends, Andrew Rodbell and Charles Sain. With more than twenty years in marketing and new product development at The Coca-Cola Company, Georgia-Pacific and Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, Rodbell decided to leave the big business behind to put his passion for innovative brand building, and cocktails, into an entrepreneurial endeavour of his own. Sain’s background includes multiple entrepreneurial endeavours spanning the worlds of technology, e-commerce and finance.

“We decided it’s time ready-to-drink cocktails were made with real ingredients at the right proportions. We are especially proud to be the only canned pre-mixed cocktail using 100% real juice,” said Andrew Rodbell, Co-Founder of Post Meridiem. “Our vision is to make real ingredient cocktails as convenient and effortless as beer and wine.”

The Post Meridiem Spirit Co. cocktail product line is distributed through National Distributing Company, Inc. and is available in over 100 retail locations throughout Georgia.

SOURCE Post Meridiem Spirit Co.

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