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BioLift™ Botanical Body Clock Hacking Beverage

BioLift™ Botanical Body Clock Hacking BeverageWe’ve probably all experienced the mid-day slump referred to as the “post-lunch dip.” Finding an effective way to fight off that early afternoon drop in energy is what propelled Eli Faraggi to develop BioLift™.

BioLift contains a patented botanical formula designed to work with your body clock to improve focus. The formula contains Guarna, Ginkgo Biloba, Elderberry, and 10mg of caffeine with carob and apple for sweetness. The result is a drink that delivers energy without the jitters or added sugar that comes with other beverages.

BioLift comes in a futuristic-looking, lightweight, 9oz aluminum bottle with a resealable screw-top lid. The product is available in three flavors; Melon Lime, Mixed Berry, and Mandarin Orange.

BioLift Mixed Berry – BioLift Mixed Berry presents an inviting berry aroma upon opening. A light, non-carbonated texture accompanies the slightly sweet flavor. There is a slight botanical aftertaste that signals the potent ingredients in the patented WakeUp™ formula, but it is not unpleasant. The drink has a slightly dry finish but is very easy to sip and rather enjoyable as an afternoon refreshment.

BioLift Mandarin Orange – BioLift Mandarin Orange has a subtle artificial, slightly watered down orange essence. The simplicity of the flavor makes it easy to drink and not at all too sweet.

BioLift Melon Lime – BioLife Melon Lime combines a soft, sweet melon flavor with a tart citrus finish. The blend is light and refreshing with just enough contrast and dimension to make it interesting to taste while also being easy to drink.

Summary: While BioLift beverages have a unique botanical-type taste and texture, they are light and sweet enough to easily enjoy as an afternoon pick-me-up. With only nine grams of sugar and 41 calories, BioLift beverages present a healthier alternative to sugary energy drinks while still delivering the focus and stamina to fight the post-lunch dip.

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