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Caleno Juniper Inca Berry – A Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Caleno Juniper Inca Berry - A Non-Alcoholic SpiritInspired by the flavors and culture of the creator’s homeland of Colombia, Caleno Juniper Inca is a non-alcoholic spirit that brings ALL the fun with none of the booze. It can be frustrating to be someone who doesn’t drink alcohol when all your friends are trying cool cocktails with interesting flavors! Why shouldn’t we be able to indulge our inner mixologist even if we don’t want to drink alcohol? Caleno Juniper Inca Berry bridges the gap. They infuse juniper, citrus, and spices and steam distill in stainless steel drums to create a truly artisanal “free-spirit” non-alcoholic spirit.

Caleno Juniper Inca Berry has a subtle, tart citrus flavor, with just a hint of herbal juniper. Overall, it’s not overpowering, and we think it could mix well with a variety of non-alcoholic options like tonics or citrus sodas. We even thought it would make a great flavor addition to an alcoholic cocktail like a gin and tonic! It’s also suitable for most diets and is sugar-free, sweetener-free, allergen-free, and free of artificial flavors!

Caleno Juniper Inca Berry is also packaged to impress, which makes it even more perfect to bring to your next social gathering. You’ll wow the crowd with a unique spirit that EVERYONE can try, and Caleno doesn’t disappoint on presentation. The 70 cL clear glass bottle has a heavy bottom and a vibrant blue and orange label that makes you feel like the party has already started. The inclusion of a re-closable cork-top adds to the genuine “spirit” type feel of the product. We love that Caleno Juniper Inca Berry brings unique “mixology” flavors and techniques to a whole new place that everyone can enjoy. We’d love to see more products like this! We felt totally inspired to try this in a range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails alike. The tangy flavor of the citrus and berries is grounded nicely by that distinctive herbal, slightly bitter taste of juniper. Bring this to your next housewarming party and we have a feeling they’ll be talking about it for days!

For more information visit Caleno’s website.

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