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Coco Fina 100% Coconut Water

Coco Fina 100% Coconut WaterCoco Fina is 100% pure coconut water that comes in three types of packaging: 200 ml Tetra Pak, 500 ml wide-neck PET bottle, and 1 L Tetra Pak. That means everyone—from kids and families to athletes—can choose the one that’s best for them.

Coco Fina 100% coconut water is produced from coconuts harvested in Thailand using specially designed technology to ensure that the raw materials have as little contact with the air as possible.

Characteristic of natural coconut water itself, this pure coconut water always tastes fresh and light. You can be sure that the raw materials were collected at precisely the right time, so there’s no musty aftertaste. Coco Fina 100% pure coconut water contains 5.9 grams of carbohydrates derived naturally from coconuts, so no additional sweeteners are used. Plus, all products are packaged using no preservatives. Its slightly opaque colour is specific to all coconut water.

Research shows that coconut water is a great source of natural electrolytes, making it the perfect drink to pack in children’s school snacks and lunches, or to bring to the gym or the beach.

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