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Drink No Evil With Karma Cola

Drink No Evil With Karma Cola

Karma Cola, Lemony lemonade, and Gingerella are a line of beautifully designed beverages. All products are Fair trade and some of the main ingredients are organic and, of course, natural. The packaging looks very interesting. The aluminium cans have bright colours and do not look like standard 250 ml cans, which makes a great combination. At first sight, the aluminium can looks really small, but actually, it is a 250 ml volume, which is the most suitable size for consuming on the go.

Drink No Evil With Karma ColaKarma Cola

After opening the can, a familiar Cola flavour pops out; however, after a moment you can taste additional herbal notes. The flavour of Cola nut offers additional value. The colour matches original cola type drinks, but an interesting ingredient, Fair trade malt extract, provides a new mouth feel and additional flavour notes.


Drink No Evil With Karma ColaA clear ginger flavour is introduced after opening the can. The appearance is the same as other ginger beverages, yellowish and slightly turbid. The second flavour note is lemon. Lemon juices are used instead of an acidifier. For a unique taste profile the recipe is improved with natural clove, vanilla, and grapefruit flavours. What about the spiciness? Ginger drinks are inherently spicy, and in this case, ginger, in cooperation with capsicum, provides a refreshingly spicy note.

Drink No Evil With Karma ColaLemony lemonade

On opening the can, the flavour of Lemony lemonade is not very strong; however, after the first sip, an exact association emerges. It tastes like a natural, homemade lemonade. The sweet and sour combination is just right. The turbid and slightly yellowish colour is very characteristic to fresh and natural lemonades.

Overall, this whole line of beverages tastes very natural and healthy. The carbonation level is medium and goes very well with the concept of Fair trade, Organic and Healthy soft drinks. Another packaging is available as well. Beautifully designed glass bottles can become anyone’s choice.

For more information visit Karma Cola’s  website.

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