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Hillery & Son – The Original Cocktail of Jamaica

Hillery & Son – The Original Cocktail of JamaicaAlcoholic cocktails are trending, especially the sales of them are growing in the summer time. Here is a great example of cocktails containing white rum as the alcohol base called H&S Rum Punch. Beverages are made pretty ingeniously using rum and adding juices and flavourings of mango, pineapple, guava and orange. The alcohol content of 11.6 % is also not so common for alcoholic cocktails, so this is one more plus for Hillery&Son. Rum Punch packaging is very suitable for such kind of drink, it is filled in a nice shaped 250ml glass bottles. The shape and the volume of the bottle is very comfortable while holding in hand, so the drink could be drank straight from it, no glasses are needed. This is very comfortable while going to picnics, festivals or garden parties where all family and friends come together. The transparent glass bottles allows to see the colour of all 3 beverages. The label which is showing the main information of the product, is fancy and simple at the same time. The black label colour is a dominant one, while the colourful surroundings are matched with colours of the liquid inside, so this makes the label enjoyable, but still classy. Overall whole Rum Punch line looks like a nice combination of juices and alcohol.

Strawberry+NewThe Strawberry Punch

The first thing that you see when holding the bottle is red colour which looks quite artificial, however it gives “life” to the drink. The label gives an order to shake well the bottle before drinking, so right after doing that the bottle can be opened and you can enjoy your drink. However aroma of strawberries is not very clear, but the hint of it can be recognized. After the first sip the sweetness is felt in the mouth and only few seconds later you can try to understand which flavours you felt. Strong sweetness comes from the mix of sugar, syrup and juices. Hence the sweetness hides the main taste of the drink it also covers the rum flavour, so you can barely fell the alcohol content, but after swallowing it, the slight burning comes through your throat.

FruitPunch+NewThe Fruit Punch

Smooth texture goes well with whole idea of the punch. Exotic fruit mixture moves you to the Caribbean side. Of course, the rum by itself gives you an impression of the pirates, but the mix with fruit juices and flavourings go even better for parties. The sunset colour looks very appealing and associates with exotic fruits with no doubts. Aroma is still not recognizable, but sweet rum flavour comes out when you open the bottle. Sweet exotical fruit flavour touches the tongue and only after that the rum taste could be felt. This delicious and tasty flavour gives you the best feeling of homemade old Jamaican style rum punch.

BlackgrapeThe Grape Punch

The third drink of the Rum Punch “family” – the grape punch! The purple colour matches well with the idea of the red grape juice drink and transparent bottle is the best way to show that. After opening the bottle, the aroma of grapes is popping out straight to your nose. The slight aroma of the rum and other fruits are also felt, but only a few seconds later. This grape rum punch gives you an impression that you will enjoy the grape rum punch before even tasting it. When it comes to the taste – the grape juice and sugar, which is used as a sweetener, provides very sweet taste and even aftertaste, so rum flavour is covered by sweetness. However, the grape taste is dominant here and felt quit well. A unique balance of juicy grapes with hints of exotic fruits reveals the best properties of this drink.

Hillery & Son – The Original Cocktail of JamaicaThese H&S Rum Punch can be drank alone or mixing with other fresh ingredients, so wider range of flavours can be reached. E.g. Strawberry punch goes well in mixture with basil and lime juice. Fruit rum punch blended with Clement Agricole Rum and fresh grapefruit juice will make the drink more refreshing and will even give a little bit sourness, so this would be suitable for ones who love a hint of freshen citrus. Also for the more refreshing combinations could be used lime juice, Prosecco and lemon zest which improve the taste of grape rum punch. The Hillery&Son even has the name for this cocktail – grape escape!

Of course, summer is the hottest period of the year, so do not forget to cool down rum punch before drinking or at least put the ice into the glass and then enjoy the Jamaican spirit. Cheers!

For more information visit Hillery & Son website.

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