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Improved Sparkling Water Line By Ugly Drinks

Improved Sparkling Water Line By Ugly DrinksUgly is a whole line of flavored sparkling water, packed into a 330 ml standard aluminum can with a lovely and bright design. All the beverages in this line contain sparkling water, natural fruit and berry flavors and citric acid. No sugar, no sweeteners and what is the most important – nothing artificial. Also, all the beverages have no colorants.

There are four flavors: lemon-lime, orange, tropical and triple berry. These flavors will definitely find their lovers.


Just after opening the can you can hear popping bubbles and you can feel a strong but natural aroma of lemon and lime fruits. After tasting it, you can feel not only fruits but also a fruit zest taste. Unfortunately, there is a slightly oily note in this flavor.

Triple berry

The aroma is less active compared with lemon-lime. However, it is nice and natural, just not strong enough. The taste is just great. The combination of berries is lovely and match well together. The taste even conveys a feeling of a soft drink not just a flavored water. It has sweet notes, which go well together with the sourness coming from the citric acid.


Great aroma, strong and natural. In terms of taste, it has a strong orange flavor with a hint of orange zest, but also there is an oily mouthfeel, which goes away after a few sips.


Again, a weaker aroma, similar to Triple Berry flavor, although it smells soft and natural. The taste is lovely. You can feel strong notes of mango, and it is a sweet and intense flavor, with a clean mouthfeel.

The carbonation level of all four flavors is great — not too strong and not too low. Great match. This line is definitely worth trying as a healthy and tasty refreshment.

For more information visit Ugly website.

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