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Japanese Gyokuro cold tea brewed in Taiwan

SOTI Natural

Picture by Adam Mruk Source: Healthy Plan By Ann

DrinkPreneur have already introduced our readers with SOTI Natural during DrinkPreneur Live 2015. Even though, the brand didn’t took 1st place, it has some qualities worth of our time. Company is based in Poland, although, product has been brewed in Taiwan. The product is packed in unusual 530 ml bottle with white shrink sleeve where green colour is prevailing.

Since SOTI Natural is pure combination of water and Japanese Gyokuro tea leaves, so it is not a surprise that this tea has no kcals. Moreover, it is sugar free and 100% organic. SOTI Natural is perfect for people who are seeking healthier lifestyle by cutting sugar amount in their food and beverage.

Without any other ingredients, green tea smell comes right away after opening the bottle. SOTI Natural ke
eps perfect balance between taste, smell and appearance. Lush and transparent green tea colour enriches perfect balance between green tea taste and smell. It is very important to mention that SOTI Natural has been naturally brewed checking 15 different brewing parameters in order to provide consumers with authentic and healthy green tea beverage. SOTI Natural is something you wouldn’t want to pass by in the supermarket.

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