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Le Fruit Fresh Juice Line

Le Fruit Fresh Juice LineThe entire product line is packed in nicely shaped 260-mL glass bottles with a wide-neck screw closing. All four beverages contain generous amounts of juice or coconut water. Some of the beverages are sweetened with cane sugar, whereas others are prepared without any additional sweeteners.

Coconut water lime 

The clear design, with a label picturing fruit in the recipe against a sky blue background, sends a crystal clear message to consumers. Opening the bottle releases a dominant aroma of lime with a hint of coconut water. The initial sourness comes from fresh lime juice, and the drink’s colour is slightly yellow and turbid from the fruit. The drink is not sweetened with any additional sweeteners and contains 18.8 kcal/100 mL.

Passion-fruit nectar

A beautiful pink label matches the product’s orange colour, as visible through the transparent glass bottle. The drink is prepared using passion-fruit and acerola cherry juices, sweetened with cane sugar, and contains 41 kcal/100 mL. Opening the bottle gives off the powerful aroma of passion-fruit that also dominates the taste. Tasting reveals the natural sourness of the juices and a slight sweetness that does not overpower the fruity taste. The drink’s colour comes naturally from passionfruit, as do its turbidity and slight sediment.

Guava nectar

The entire design and product colour match that of pink guava. The drink’s aroma is clear, bright guava that absolutely matches with the taste of the drink. It is neither too sour nor too sweet. The texture is that of freshly squeezed guava, with a slightly grainy feel from the real fruit. The drink is sweetened with cane sugar and has 41 kcal/100 mL.

Pineapple juice

With 100% natural pineapple and acerola cherry juices, this drink’s colour matches that of the label, both of which are the natural yellow of pineapple. The pleasant aroma is dominated by pineapple, as is the taste. Without any additional sweeteners, the drink’s balanced pineapple flavour offers a full mouthfeel and pleasing texture. The 45 kcal/100 mL come naturally from the fruit.

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