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Green Fit Drinks: “Our drink does what it says it does”

All_onwhiteMy name is John Djerbaka CEO of GREEN FIT and I am a physical therapist by trade. In my personal life, I have had a long history of exercise and working out. Since the 1970s, I have been concocting health drinks in my kitchen blender, long before a market for functional RTD drinks existed.

It was during my endless trials at creating my own personal health drink that I came to conceptualize of creating a “multi-function” beverage. This single drink would provide the consumer with the functions that most health conscious people desired in a drink. In effect, I got the idea to create an “ultimate” beverage that does it all.

GREEN FIT is not just another great tasting fruit juice drink. I decided early on that I wanted to create a high quality beverage experience that provided a diverse array of health benefits. GREEN FIT is surprisingly light in taste, yet behind the fruity taste is a complex mixture of natural herbs and ingredients. In order to create such a sophisticated formulation, I sourced many ingredients from a variety of vendors across the United States. Our company has truly dedicated itself to provide the consumer with a drink that really does what it says it does.

We interviewed with several factories before we finally choose the right manufacturer that suited our needs. Do your due diligence to research the best company that suits your business needs. To any new beverage entrepreneurs, I would suggest that you try to select suppliers that are responsive and make themselves readily available for communication and follow-up.

I wanted packaging to convey the idea of health and fitness. This was the primary idea behind the brand’s name and its packaging. The background of the label is the color green to suggest health. The burst of green leaves in the background further accentuates this idea. The information laid out in the front and back panels of the drink are designed to articulate not only what’s in the bottle but emphasize the health benefits of the drink.

The beverage market is becoming more health conscious. More and more consumers are becoming savvy about reading the nutritional profile and are becoming more selective about the food choices they make. I believe that healthy is the new wave of the future in the beverage industry.

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