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OATH – Organic Oat Milk With Plant Protein

OATH - Organic Oat Milk With Plant ProteinWith more people opting for non-dairy milks, oat milk is one of the hottest new trends in the beverage world! Favored by many as a creamier addition to their morning cup of joe than other non-dairy milks like soy, coconut, or almond, oat milk has cultivated quite a following! Oath Oat Milk believes oat milk can be MORE than just an add-in to your coffee or cereal, though! They’ve created a line of tasty, flavored oat milk beverages using only organic, plant-based, and vegan ingredients. The entire range of Oath flavors is organic, vegan, kosher, and free of gums, dairy, soy, gluten, processed sugars, and GMOs. In fewer words, they’re extremely health conscious! Each 12 oz bottle of Oath also contains at least 15g of plant proteins, making them an excellent alternative to heavy protein shakes and snack bars that can be loaded with sugar.

Oath comes in 4 flavors, each with their own functional benefits. They are all packaged in 12 oz sturdy plastic bottles with resealable screw caps, making them perfect to toss into a gym bag, bring on a hike, or throw into your office bag for a mid-day snack. We loved the brightly colored labels and bold, large font on the bottles. Overall the packaging looks vibrant, hip, healthful, and modern. Flavors are labeled clearly and correspond well to the colors of the typeface on the bottle to make them easy to distinguish on the store shelf or in your refrigerator.

OATH - Organic Oat Milk With Plant ProteinIndian Rose

This flavor of Oath combines oat milk, rose water, and almond and pumpkin seed protein with warming Indian spices like cardamom, fennel, cinnamon, nutmeg, and saffron. They say this formula is meant to boost metabolism and enhance mood. The result is a cozy and inviting flavor that manages to be both sweet and spicy. This one tasted a bit like a spicy chai, balanced by the sweetness of vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Like all the flavors, the ingredients in this one can settle quickly, so shaking is important before and throughout drinking.

OATH - Organic Oat Milk With Plant ProteinMatcha Chai

The Matcha Chai flavor had our least favorite texture of the bunch. The matcha seems to make this one chalky, but we did enjoy the flavor! They’ve used oat milk, pumpkin seed protein, banana, matcha, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves to create this recipe they say can help boost energy and restore balance. There is a light matcha flavor, but this mostly tasted like a lightly sweetened chai. Like all the flavors, it did leave us feeling full after drinking and made a perfect snack!

OATH - Organic Oat Milk With Plant ProteinDouble Chocolate

Oath says their double chocolate flavor is meant to be “energy boosting and endorphin releasing”. We can’t really say if this flavor boosted our endorphins, but it did have a delicious chocolate flavor. Other chocolate protein drinks can be chalky or oddly bitter, but this one had a decadent, sweet, and smooth flavor that wasn’t too sweet and not at all bitter. They make their double chocolate flavor with almond protein, cocoa, vanilla, and oatmilk. They also note that this (or any) flavor of Oath can be frozen to create a yummy ice cream treat or heated to make a cozy cup. We bet this flavor would make for a healthier alternative to hot cocoa in the winter!

OATH - Organic Oat Milk With Plant ProteinGolden Turmeric

Turmeric may be just as trendy as oat milk in the health-foods world right now, and the two flavors come together beautifully in this blend! Oath has combined oat milk, turmeric, MCT oil, cardamom, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper, and nutmeg to create a stimulating drink with a well-balanced, creamy flavor. Like the Indian Rose flavor, their website says this flavor is meant to boost metabolism and enhance mood. We liked the way the spice of the turmeric was countered by the sweetness of the other spices and vanilla. This drink went down easy and was more mellow than other turmeric drinks we have tried. This flavor also has a beautiful golden color.

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