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Obeliver – A Non-Alcoholic, All-Natural Sparkling Juice Beverage

Obeliver – A Non-Alcoholic, All-Natural Sparkling Juice BeverageObeliver beverages are the perfect option for those who seek a healthy, all-natural, non-alcoholic drink for celebrations, special occasions, and anytime in between. Our sophisticated champagne-style bottles with their natural wood corks and cages will bring a festive air to your table. Better yet, a look at any of our labels and ingredient lists will satisfy your desire to serve friends and family a healthful beverage.

Obeliver offers multifunctional beverages—refreshing, sparkling soft drinks that are not only the perfect substitute for alcoholic drinks at parties and celebrations but also provide five important vitamins to benefit health. With three great flavours, you’re sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds! All three are sweetened with natural fruit extracts and stevia, with no added sugar. And with the natural sweetener stevia, our sparkling juices have only 27 calories per 100 ml. Natural colorants, flavou rs, and even acidifiers are skilfully blended to create healthy, refreshing beverages.

Red Grape and Pomegranate

The natural berry aroma of our red grape and pomegranate sparkling beverage floats on the air as soon as you pop the cork! A synergistic blend of both fruits provides a unique aroma and flavour. One sip and you’ll recognize this combination of pomegranate and grape, while its jewel-like red hue is a treat for the eyes. All-natural, clear, and full of taste, this beverage sparkles with bubbles that provide a celebratory fizz as you fill your glass.

Red Grape

This drink’s beautiful but slightly less intense red hue announces its unique taste . The all-natural grape  flavour, however, is intense—easy to identify after you open the bottle. The classic wooden cork provides a premium appearance, and popping the cork is just as festive as opening a bottle of fine champagne.

White Grape and Passion Fruit

All natural with no added colorants, our white grape and passion fruit beverage has a true champagne colour and appearance. Its exotic and refreshing taste with the perfect note of passion fruit gives this drink a different angle that truly satisfies and a mouthfeel that’s just right— and not too sweet.

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