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The Pickle House – London Based Original Pickle Juice Brand

The Pickle House - London Based Original Pickle Juice Brand

Source: The Pickle House

Have you ever heard about pickle juice? There is a brand from London that turned it into a real success story. Up-to-date design, without unecessary illustrations or text, and an innovative product concept is what makes The Pickle House stand out from other beverage products. Today, I have the pleasure to talk with Florence Cherruault, the founder of The Pickle House.

Pickle Juice is something I wouldn’t consider to be something I would love to drink. How did you come up with such an idea? Tell us more about the start of The Pickle House.

The Pickle House - London Based Original Pickle Juice BrandI went to New York on holiday and had been told by friends that I had to try a Pickleback when I was there; a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. We were staying in Brooklyn and had seen them in quite a few different bars. After trying one for the first time I was hooked and couldn’t stop thinking about ways to continue drinking them back in London.

Your brand has three different products: Pickle Juice, Bloody Mary Mix and Pickled Cucumbers. Are you planning to launch new products in the future?

I’m currently working on a little Bloody Mary mix bottle which will be perfect for one serve and should launch within the next month. I have a couple of other products I’d love to launch but I need to focus on these ones first.

Pickle Juice mainly is used as a cocktail mixer. What alcoholic beverage suits it best?

Definitely whiskey for a Pickleback, I’d use a Bourbon or Jameson. We’ve also been working a lot with Our London Vodka and have come up with some great cocktails; one of my favourites is Original Pickle Juice, vodka, ginger ale and lime, it’s really refreshing and the pickle juice adds a nice savoury note.

The Pickle House - London Based Original Pickle Juice BrandWhat was the hardest at the very beginning? Did you have any experience in the beverage industry?

I’d never had any experience in the drinks industry so it was all completely new to me. The hardest part right at the beginning was coming up with the perfect recipe. It had to be pickle juice but a pickle juice that was specifically made for drinking and not just the left over brine from a jar of pickles.

The Pickle House - London Based Original Pickle Juice BrandWhat difficulties have you overcome since the launch of The Pickle House?

Juggling all the different aspects of a business can be quite challenging from production, sales, marketing and doing the accounts it can all start to pile up but there are loads of great pieces of software out there than can help, you just need to find the right one for you.

In your opinion, are social media channels the main tool nowadays to build a successful beverage brand? Why?

I think social media channels are very important but not one of the main tools. I’m sure it’s different for everyone but for me it’s getting out and doing markets, tastings and meeting people to engage face to face and introduce them to pickle juice.

The Pickle House - London Based Original Pickle Juice BrandAre you planning to spread your brand abroad? Why? If yes, where would you like to go next?

I’d love to get it into the States, that’s where I was inspired and it would be great to hear what they think of my take on it.

What advice can you give to others with unique ideas?

If you really believe in your idea, just go for it! Confidence is really important when you’re such a small company, people buy into not only your product but you as well.

For more information visit The Pickle House website.

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