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Opre‘ Cider – Craft of Slovakia

Opre‘ Cider - Craft of SlovakiaOpre’ is real cider made naturally by fermenting apple juice. It represents a devotion to craftsmanship to initiate an authentic cider culture in Slovakia. Its fine-tuned flavour, gold-bright colour, and distinctive character are enjoyed by those who want something “genuine”. The developers do a great job of describing their product. Opre’ is a line of very interesting ciders with three different flavours: pear, apple, and hop. All three flavours are packed into 330 ml glass bottles with beautiful and catchy labels.

Opre‘ Cider - Craft of SlovakiaOpre’ Perry

A light, low alcohol cider made by fermenting pear juices. This drink has a beautiful amber colour and is crystal clear. Just after opening the bottle, you can smell the sweetness of pear with a hint of sourness coming from the fermentation. The taste is sweet but not irritating; you can definitely feel sweetness coming from the pears. Slight natural carbonation provides a slight kick. The alcohol level is only 3.1% vol., so it is best suitable for women. The label on the bottle is very informative: clean and white, with a stylish picture of a pear.

Opre‘ Cider - Craft of SlovakiaOpre’ Hoppy

This is a dry hopped cider. According to the producers: “cold hopping of Galaxy hops in apple cider makes it. Hop addition enriched the cider with passion fruit and peaches notes”. The beverage is definitely something unique. The aroma of the cider is much stronger the Perry. You can smell the fruity notes from the hops, which combines well with the characteristic flavour of apple cider. Hoppy is a sour and dry cider. The main note in the flavour is apple, and the fruity notes come after a while; the taste is very well balanced. The alcohol level is 4.3 % vol. The beautiful and creative label shows two cats, which is exciting.

Opre‘ Cider - Craft of SlovakiaApple Cider

Immediately after opening the bottle, you can smell fermented sweet apple. The apple note is present in the aroma. You can taste the flavour of real fermented apple cider, with strong fermentation notes and a sourness and fizziness. The sweetness of the apple and the sourness are very beautifully connected, and overall the taste is very well balanced. Regarding the colour, it is a characteristic clear gold shade. The label on the bottle is very informative and has a picture of an apple, so the consumer will not be confused about what type of cider this is. The alcohol content is the highest in the line: 4.7% vol.

In conclusion, the whole line does not scream ‘trend’; it is tasteful and tasty, but also provides the picture of a high-quality product. It is definitely worth trying out. The cider will match anyone’s taste, from a sophisticated woman to a cider lover. As the producers state: “Best served ice cold! Cheers!”

For more information visit Opre website.

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