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Product review: Astis Bubbles equals Vitality

Astis-Bubbles-blikje1-800x531The design is super simple but at the same time matching the idea of a drink, which is no added sweeteners, no added colors and in general healthy drink idea. Size of a can is 355 ml, which is not as common as 250 ml or 330 ml. This is one more thing that makes this drink exceptional, because size is obviously not ordinary.

Beverage color is neutral, just like water. So it matches the “Vitality drink” concept. Drink odor is very fruity with a hint of sourness and refreshing at the same time, although it is hard to tell exact what flavor it is.

After tasting this product, you get surprised, because the flavor is acidic. However the acidity is not something that is very common in beverages. The taste is affected by lactic acid, which provides product a very special flavor itself.  The drink is sour but the acidity level and type of it is not irritating.

astis-treeHerbal extracts that you can find in this drink – mix of 13 herbal extracts, including sage, nettle and Echinacea Purpurea are perfectly covered and the dominant flavor of a drink is taste of fermented apple and definitely you can feel the hint of berries. As a drink without any sugar or sweeteners it is very refreshing and at the same time unusual, because of it’s sourness. Carbon dioxide is giving even more refreshing feeling and having in mind that it has 1 kcal in 100 ml and being totally natural it is a great product.

The drink is really worth trying chilled on a hot summer day!

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