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Scheckter’s Organic Energy Drink

scheckter1The drink is spreading very clear idea of an organic and natural drink even before tasting it. Main color is green shouting the organic idea! Informative and very tidy: loads of various logos, such as FairTrade, Vegetarian Society approval, Organic Soil Association approval and of course Organic product sign, definitely provides the feeling of confidence.

After opening the can, immediately you feel exclusive and distinctive odor. First note that we felt was clear pomegranate, with a slight sour image.

The flavor of a drink is very unique, you cannot feel the exact pomegranate, elderberry or lemon, the balance is so good that you cannot identify ingredients without reading the label. In our opinion lemon juice concentrate was used to replace already so popular citric acid, with a natural acidifier, which we think is a great idea for a natural or organic drink.

Although the acidity is a bit high which is usual for energy drinks to cover the aftertaste provided by caffeine. In this case it is very important because the caffeine content is high – 54mg/100 ml. The source of it is green tea, guarana and green coffee bean extract. You can definitely feel the distinctive taste that is being provided by high content of caffeine, but having in mind that amount is almost twice bigger than in usual energy drinks it goes perfectly with a tartness and dryness of pomegranate.

Color is pleasantly red and clear, looking really natural. What is more the idea to use agave syrup as a sweetener is kind a risky, because it increases price of a drink, but in this case you cannot expect to have quality, functionality and flavor for a cheap price. Also agave syrup has a slight aftertaste but its less active than sugar sweetness, so it helps to reveal the main flavor of a drink.

Overall the idea of a drink goes very well with the product recipe and design. It’s definitely worth trying!

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