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TollFjord Natural Energy Drink

238879362An energy drink with a very gentle flavor. The only thing that you can refer to energy drink in this recipe is the sourness. Usually energy drinks are sourer than other soft drinks; this one is not different in this case. But talking about basic taste of a drink, it is very slight, without any specific hint of energy drink.

The taste of this drink is interesting just because you cannot distinguish type of flavor. After opening a can you smell a light breath of tropical fruits, like passion fruit or pineapple after tasting you can feel a nice bond between tropical taste and taste of functional herbal extracts: Schisandra and Panax ginseng. Without any doubt high content of caffeine is providing with a specific taste as well, although it is amazing that aftertaste is very slight and most probably was covered with a help of sourness, because the caffeine content is 40 mg/100 ml.

Color is natural, light yellow comes from natural extracts and it goes very well with an idea of natural drink. Just like a carbonization level is medium, not too strong, which is perfect for this type of product.

Design of the product could be stronger, although marketing idea and brand name is based on a very nice folklore story that you can find just on the can.

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