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Seven Teas – The Voyage Around The World

Seven Teas - The Voyage Around The WorldA US company called Tea Horse Road presents a new line of teas called Seven Teas. The idea of the product line is teas from different continents and cultures. All seven flavours are packed into a simple but attractive 479-ml glass bottle. The bottles’ crew metal caps have custom made logos provide with more premium and mature product. Each product label has its own story which is summarized on  the label, which doesn’t completely cover the bottle, so you can see the drink you are going to consume.

All seven teas are certified as organic, fair trade products as well as verified as non-GMO. The brand owners feel that giving back to society is very important, so they are a contributing member of 1% for the Planet. Seven Teas supports global initiatives to create a healthier planet for us all. The line is sweetened used evaporated cane juice, a type of sweetener that is technically less processed than regular granulated sugar. However, from a nutritional standpoint, there is little difference. One of the most important factors is that all teas are coming for tea leaf infusions.

Goji Hibiscus Rooibos

Seven Teas - The Voyage Around The WorldThis tea is a brownish red colour and has a turbid appearance, which is due to the main ingredient – Rooibos tea, but also has second notes of the hibiscus plant and goji berries. After opening the bottle, you can smell a fruity aroma, which is related to berries, in this case, raspberry and goji berry juices, which are used in the formulation of the drink. The second scent is definitely rooibos tea, which is not too intense and matches well with a third note of hibiscus. As the aroma is sweet, consumers might expect  a very sweet and intense drink.

However, after tasting, you feel only refreshing, slightly sweet and sour drink with a main note of rooibos and honey bush, which is giving that characteristic dryness in the mouth. Second notes in terms of a flavour is for sure berry notes. The mouthfeel is very pleasant and balanced. The rounded taste with full feeling originates the juice content. The 473-ml bottle contains only 80 kcal and has naturally occurring vitamin C, iron and calcium. Finally, yet importantly, this flavour is caffeine free.

Seven Teas - The Voyage Around The WorldHimalayan Rose Tulsi 

A unique combination of Indian herbs such as Vana and Krishna tulsi leaves is accompanied by rooibos and hibiscus flower infusions. The appearance of the drink is dark amber with no sedimentation or turbidity. Overall, the aroma is very well balanced and it is hard to distinguish separate notes. Herbal notes are extremely strong, with rooibos tea standing in front and tulsi the second note.

Tasting the drink you feel a smooth and rounded mouthfeel, which is coming from rose hip and rose petal extracts. The tulsi provides a subtle note of excitement and surprise in the drink. This caffeine-free drink is very refreshing and contains only 70 kcal per 473 ml bottle. It contains naturally occurring vitamin C.

Seven Teas - The Voyage Around The WorldWildflower Honey Matcha

Immediately after opening the bottle, you can sense citrus notes coming from mandarin and orange blossom flavours. Take a deeper breath and you will inhale the aroma of green tea and matcha infusions. The appearance of the drink is reminiscent of homemade matcha. It is brownish green and turbid, leaving a slight sediment on the bottom of the bottle. Tasting the drink you can feel how well balanced is the main flavour of matcha and green tea with citrus fruits and blossom notes. A second note comes from orange blossoms, which is very unexpected.

The mouthfeel is well balanced, not too sweet, and has a good ratio of matcha and green teas, so there is no bitter or dry feeling in the mouth. This drink contains 70 kcal per bottle and has naturally occurring vitamin C and iron. Unfortunately, the honey flavour is not too present and is hidden by stronger notes.

Seven Teas - The Voyage Around The WorldSpot O’Honey Earl Grey

The strong herbal aroma of Earl Grey tea pops straight from the bottle immediately after opening. The second notes present are citrus, bergamot and bitter orange. The drink is turbid and brownish; both these features are inherent in strong, fresh Earl Grey tea.

The taste profile is very strong with a tea flavour in the first role and citrus notes in the back. There is a characteristic dryness coming from a black tea. Also, you can taste sourness, which may remind you of a homemade tea with a slice of lemon. The drink itself contains 80 kcal and vitamin C.

Seven Teas - The Voyage Around The WorldWhite Peach Oolong

This type of tea is very slightly turbid and has a beautiful amber colour.  Just after opening the bottle, you can breathe in the soft and sweet aroma of peach, which comes from flavouring and peach juice concentrate. There is a slight herbal note in the aroma profile, coming from oolong tea and black tea infusions.

The taste is soft and fruity because of the peaches, with a dry feeling which is coming from the brewed tea leaves. The taste is well combined with the aroma and has similar sweetness, which is not too intense and very refreshing. This whit oolong tea flavour has 80 kcal per bottle and natural vitamin C.

GuSeven Teas - The Voyage Around The Worldava Mango Guayusa

An extremely interesting combination of fruits and tea, Guava Mango Guayusa is slightly turbid in appearance with some sediment in the bottom of the bottle. Most probably, they are coming from mango puree. The drink itself has a brown colour, which is inherent in a guayusa tea.  Just after opening the screw cap, you can smell an interesting aroma, reminiscent of spices and even cinnamon, which go well together with fruity notes of mango and guava.

The mouthfeel of the drink is extremely pleasant — rounded, not too sweet and very well balanced. The fruit flavours complement the guayusa tea, there leaves no bitter taste or dry feeling in the mouth. That is because it is low in tannins; it tastes smooth and naturally sweet. Only 70 kcal per bottle, with natural vitamin C this has an extremely nice taste.

Seven Teas - The Voyage Around The WorldMarrakech Mint Gunpowder

The beautiful yellow colour and slight turbidity match well with the green bottle label. This tea has a strong and easy-to-guess aroma – minty and refreshing with a hint of black tea, green tea and gunpowder tea. Just after the first sip, you can taste notes of different strengths. The first note is a combination of teas, which causes the specific dry feeling in the mouth.

Only after that can you feel minty flavours refreshing your mouth. Bitterness comes from the teas, which are high in tannins. This bitterness lingers for quite some time after tasting the drink. The mouthfeel is a bit watery, but the bitterness and slight turbidity help to cover it. A single serving of this beverage contains natural vitamin C and only 70 kcal per bottle.

The seven drinks in the line are very different but, at the same time, combine well. Each flavour represents not only a different tea combination but also a different part of the world: Europe, Africa, Middle East, India, South America, and Asia. It is so beautiful how every product has its own story to tell and traditions to share.  You can not only quench your thirst but also feed your soul and brain!

For more information visit Seven Teas website.

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