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X-Gin A Pure Aphrodisiac from Belgium

X-Gin A Pure Aphrodisiac from Belgium

Source: X-Gin

The name of the spirit is quite simple: X-Gin, with a huge X on the bottle. This gin is currently produced in Belgium, but it has its own unique history, with roots in the ancient Inca and Mayan cultures. The recipe for X-Gin is based on Colombian cocoa beans that originate from these regions.

The Inca and the Maya believed that the brewed drink made from cocoa beans was a nectar of the gods that could offer superior intelligence and long life. That ancient drink was meant to be enjoyed only by royalty and the gods, and it was called xocolatl. Legend has it that xocolatl was the world’s first aphrodisiac, so X-Gin brought the recipe for this nectar back to life.

X-Gin combines juniper berry and, according to its website, 15 botanicals and several spices, all of which have an impact on its final taste. Some of these ingredients are mentioned while others remain a secret, but it is known that these flavours are also used in the exquisite chocolates called Xolato.

The list of ingredients used for X-Gin includes not only Colombian cocoa beans but also Piedmonte hazelnuts, Avola almonds, and wild Madagascan chiles and vanilla pods.

X-Gin’s square-shaped bottle was inspired by Mayan architecture. The luxurious 50cl bottle has an extraordinary design and a wood-topped cork that adds to its inspired appearance. The thick transparent glass is well adapted to clear spirits; one can see any impurities inside the clear liquid, the first factor when we’re talking about quality. The product’s overall appearance is solid and eye-catching at the same time.

Although gin is most often used in cocktails, X-Gin is perfect for drinking by itself at room temperature or with ice. A high-quality gin should be clear to the eye, and X-Gin definitely meets that standard. Another property specific to high-quality spirits is a light oily sheen on the inside of the glass, and X-Gin has that too, of course.

X-Gin A Pure Aphrodisiac from BelgiumAs expected, X-Gin is very gentle and laidback—its aroma is soft and barely noticed. However, it’s the taste that reveals all the best properties of this gin. X-Gin has the taste of passion, with a hint of cocoa and the tiniest whiff of vanilla. After the first sip, no bitterness is felt; only a soft sweetness comes along.

It’s hardly noticeable that X-Gin has 46% alcohol because the herbal elements blend so well with the juniper. The finish is smooth, so X-Gin is easy to taste and enjoy. After you swallow a sip of X-Gin, a tender afterburn is felt that leaves a warm and comfortable feeling in the throat.

For more information visit X-Gin’s website.

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