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Cumberland Farms Announces Release of Hyperfreeze

Cumberland Farms Announces Release of Hyperfreeze

Source: Cumberland Farms

Just in time for the official start of summer, Cumberland Farms, leading convenience, gasoline, and coffee retailer today announced the official name of its frozen beverage, HYPERFREEZE. Cumberland Farms has given the fan-favorite frozen drink its own identity and a cool new design.

Under the new HYPERFREEZE name, customers can still enjoy all their favorite flavors like Red Rage and Berry Backlash, and pricing will also remain the same at just 89 cents any size. HYPERFREEZE is now available in the Chill Zone section at all of Cumberland Farms’ nearly 600 retail locations throughout the Northeast and Florida.

Cumberland Farms Announces Release of HyperfreezeIn celebration of the announcement, Cumberland Farms is offering its customers the opportunity to win a free fountain or frozen drink, with the grand prize of HYPERFREEZE for a year with a digital scratch-off promotion. Beginning June 17th and running through July 1st, customers can simply text the word HYPERFREEZE to 64827 via their smartphone, and they’ll receive a link to play the digital scratch-off game.  To further communicate the new HYPERFREEZE name, special “thermos-sensitive” cups that reveal a hidden design when filled with Hyperfreeze will be in stores for a limited time this summer.

“Here at Cumberland Farms we know how popular our frozen beverages are to our customers, and we’re excited to announce HYPERFREEZE as we kick off the summer season,” said Ari Haseotes, CEO of Cumberland Farms. “We hope the new name will add to customers’ fun of mixing up their favorite frozen flavors.”

Source: Cumberland Farm

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