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Overview of the Beverage Industry: Where does MeMento Fit?

Overview of the Beverage Industry: Where does MeMento Fit?In recent years growing consumer awareness of healthy and sustainable living is significantly affecting all sectors, not least the beverage.

From this emerges the need for, and consequently an opportunity to, introduce innovative products that respond to market needs, and that differ significantly from the current offering.

After careful analysis and with much passion, Eugenio Muraro decided to create a drink made with ingredients of organic origin (alcohol free, sugar free, un-carbonated, vegan and gluten free) without compromising on style, elegance and design.

Thus is born ‘MeMento, a blend of distilled aromatic waters from the Mediterranean which fully responds to market trends and to the needs of refined and discerning customers.

Memento is a versatile base for the creation of cocktails, both alcoholic and non alcoholic (mocktails), and is aimed at a premium target market due to its authentic and natural aroma and its unique design.

Source: MeMento

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