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Gardu Muti – Soda Drinks Made With Love In Latvia

Gardu Muti Soda Drinks Made With Love In LatviaIn Gardu Muti’s line of natural lemonade sodas with juice, all products—rhubarb, lingonberry, and quince, all local fruits farmed in Latvia—are Bio certified and come in 330-mL glass bottles with screw tops. The natural sodas are sweetened with sugar—also Bio certified—and have no acidity regulators such as citric or ascorbic acid. Without any colorants either, the beverage all bear shades that come naturally from their juices.

The rhubarb lemonade soda has 20.5% rhubarb juice and 3.1% cranberry juice, both of which pair well for a flavor with initial notes of rhubarb that’s as strong as the aroma. This drink contains 6.9 g of sugar per 100 mL and is light pink, mostly due to the cranberry juice.

The quince lemonade soda contains 10% quince juice for a taste and aroma that balance sweet and sour quite well. It contains 5.9 g of sugar per 100 mL and is naturally yellow due to the quince juice.

Lastly, the lingonberry lemonade soda flavor, with a bold red color, has 9.2% lingonberry juice and contains 7.7 g sugar.

All beverages contain natural sediments from the juices and are not overly carbonated. Wonderfully pleasant to drink, the line can work well not only as lemonade for kids but also as a terrific cocktail mixer.

For more information visit Gardu Muti website.

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