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Cornny Blackcurrant Kvass Drink

Very colourful design with purple berries on the can is well matching with an idea of the soft drink which catches the eye from the first look. Products are packed into a standard 330 ml sprayed cans where the label announces about sparkling drink with blackcurrant taste. Usually products packed into aluminum cans are referred with energy drinks, but in this case the size and form of the packaging clearly provides with the image of soft drinks. Actually this product is a kvass tasting drink which is suitable for children because it contains no alcohol. The product has 43kcal/100ml which is provided by table sugar.

After opening the can strong blackcurrant and kvass aroma is popping out. The taste of blackcurrant is well expressed, has a good mouth feel, sweet and fruity flavor. As the drink contains no juices the body and full mouth feel is created using high amount of sugar.

Cornny Blackcurrant Kvass DrinkWhen it comes to the color – the drink is clear and has a light brownish tone which is derived from the caramel colourant. Kvass drinks are very popular in Easter European countries also African countries has very similar traditional drinks. The idea to update a traditional taste with something new, in this case blackcurrant sounds very innovative and new.

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