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The Young Food Entrepreneurs’ Conference 2017

The Young Food Entrepreneurs' Conference 2017Rising precedence on food industry over the last decade has been more than visible to us. Food Market constantly sees new faces, in the form of startups, a new foreign venture, consultancies, food bloggers, investors and more. Every industry is made, not by the ones who have the ground covered, but more by those who have the audacity and the tenacity to venture into the land and create a foothold for themselves.

As a part of the Food Industry, it becomes the responsibility of the stakeholders to encourage such startups. Only with the growth of such small businesses, can you guarantee the sustenance of the industry. These small and medium-scale industries cumulatively generate a large amount of revenue and hold the power to grow the entire sector with them. This is why, such small to medium food businesses should be given the complete opportunity to blossom.

Young Food Entrepreneurs’ Conference 2016 identified and focused on this very issue. Giving startups’ idea a direction, was the goal the team successfully achieved. The team got on board some leading names of the food industry – MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria, Raw Pressery’s Shuja Shekh, Nilon’s Dipak Sanghvi not just graced this event, but also imparted priceless information on aspects that impact startup businesses in India.

In this last one year, food startups have seen a 360-degree change – both positively and negatively. Several startups saw the light of the day, many acquired fundings, while others fazed away from the limelight and the industry, itself. The downfall of these companies got the bewilderment of lakhs, who considered Bengaluru the Holy Land of Startups.

What caused this? What happened post the fundings? How such downfalls can be prevented?

Diverse questions don’t allow the prospective entrepreneurs to sleep at night. How to acquire funding, how to find the best team, the best business partner, investors who can put their trust and finances in your company – from infrastructure to registration, from basic licensing to maintaining the business, there are crucial areas which needs, not just advice but also guidance and support.

All this and more, you will find at Young Food Entrepreneurs’ Conference.

The conference will have experts and gargantuan business owners speak about each and every step of a food business – from licensing and storage to logistics and retail safety. You shall find investors, plausible business partners looking to make an investment of diverse kinds in a business with potential to gain momentum. There shall be a platform called ‘Startup Showcase’ for naive businesses with the most innovative idea and business line of operation.

Last but not the least, the conference shall be a hearth of information and knowledge that will be priceless for anyone who is about to or has just began their food business.

It takes more than hard work, money and infrastructure to begin a food business; it needs networking, support from the peers, advices from the experienced and most important, passion to nurture and grow your food baby.

Young Food Entrepreneurs’ Conference 2017 invites Food Businesses from across the nation and beyond to participate to this event in Bengaluru.

Source: Young Food Entrepreneurs’ Conference 2017

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