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Equinox Lab presents Young Food Entrepreneurs Conference

Equinox Lab presents Young Food Entrepreneurs Conference

Source: Young Food Entrepreneurs Conference

The Young Food Entrepreneurs Conference 2016, conceptualized by Equinox Labs, is all set to lift its curtains on the 26th August 2016 at the JW Marriott, Juhu. Needless to say, this consortium is already garnering a lot of attention from the food startup space.

The Event has many interesting opportunities for startups, like Product Demonstration and Startup Showcase. In Product Demo, select participants would be given an opportunity to present their products to the attendees, while in Startup Showcase, registered startups would be given a time slot of 3 minutes to pitch their product or service ideas to the investors through presentation or video.

Ashwin Bhadri, CEO of Equinox Labs, and an avid entrepreneur himself, is positive that this event would be the much needed stepping stone for potential startups, to interact with some of the major food businesses and investors. This, he adds, will go a long way in deciding how the young minds build their ventures and make them grow over the course of time.

The event has some big names from the food industry such as Master Chef Winner Pankaj Bhadouria, Zomato’s Rohant Shyam, Nilon’s Dipak Sanghvi and others, as prominent orators, key advisers and panelists. For complete list of speakers and their profile, visit Young Food Entrepreneurs website.

As stated, the campaign is aimed to provide guidance from Industry Experts, showcase various Investment Prospects, build Strong Business Network, Create Plausible Partnerships for start ups, an opportunity for established Food Businesses to get Potential investors, and Product demo!

Whether the idea is conducive to the current market, what effects will economy have on your product and vice versa, capital to be invested in the business, how to sustain the new business, what are the key points in any food start up – such intricate details will come to light in the event.

Equinox Lab presents Young Food Entrepreneurs Conference

(Ashwin Bhadri, source: Equinox Labs)

Equinox Labs, the host of the event, is India’s largest FSSAI Compliance Consultancy, with more than 10,000 clients, offering services right from the License / Registration, Quality Testing, Product Approval to Training for FSSAI compliance. As of now, Equinox has solved more than 1 lakh FSSAI Queries, delivered around 25,000 solutions and trained above 21,000 people.

This is your chance to listen to them, up close and personal, learn from their mistakes and be many steps ahead in making your dreams come true – all that in a day!     

For more information visit Young Food Entrepreneurs website.

Source: Young Food Entrepreneurs 

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